Feel Life


Much of life is spent waiting… Waiting for payday… Waiting for the weekend… Waiting for a sunny day (Okay, well that really doesn’t apply since I live in Arizona)! Days go by, weeks, months, and even years. Letting time just slip away, waiting for something and missing a life that is right in front of me. Friendships overlooked, mountains not hiked, laughter unheard… because I am waiting for something bigger and better, something that I believe will make life complete.

Why is it that there are some lessons in life that I have to keep learning and relearning? Just when I think I have it all figured out, I go and forget. I spend time alone, watching mindless TV. I sit on my bed writing, staring out of my window at the gorgeous day unfolding beyond the blinds. I tend to forget how beautiful these mountains are that I so desperately wanted to surround myself with. I forget how heavenly the fall mornings here in Arizona can be. I forget to run the path near my home, while listening to the sounds coming from the soccer fields nearby that bring me back to when my kids were young.

So, for today, I will try to relearn the lesson I learned many times before. Today, I will meet up with some friends for coffee. I will then take my daughter out shopping, as she requested, and then enjoy a nice dinner out. Tomorrow, I will do more of the same. Hell, I may even call a friend and ask them to join me for lunch. So today, there will be no waiting. Today, I will go out and Feel Life!

~ Patti Crowley

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