Racing the Sun

racing the sun

This photo was taken on my 1770 mile drive from Chicago to Arizona last week.  Okay, so I should not have been taking a photo while driving a 20ft U-Haul truck towing my car behind at about 70 mph… but I just HAD TO!  You see, I was cruising along on the adventure of a lifetime, and it occurred to me that I was racing with the sun.  Seemingly, the sun was taking an awful long time to set. I watched it reach the horizon, attempting to settle in for it’s peaceful slumber beyond the landscape, but it just would not go down. Each mile I traveled, it was still there, just out of reach.

This thought astounded me. The sky continually changed between beautiful hues of orange and red, to deep purple. I felt as though it was taunting me, begging me to hurry up. It reminded me of being a child and playing “You’re It”. The faster I drove, the further away that horizon seemed.

All of this made me think of my life, and how many times I have chased dreams, always feeling as though they were just out of reach. But, do you know what? I eventually arrived at my destination. I made the 27 hour drive in less than two days. That is less than 48 hours! I can honestly say that I did not feel fatigued or frustrated at any single moment on the journey. My spirit was simply jumping up and down inside of me with this immense joy and anticipation. The mountains had called to me, and when I crossed over into Arizona, driving through the inexplicable beauty of Flagstaff, chasing the western sun, I said aloud to the heavens, “Mom, I’m home!”

~ Patti Crowley


6 thoughts on “Racing the Sun

  1. Congratulations on summoning all that ever was into the motivation to make this journey. This integration of experience and assimilation results in something few are willing to recognize, and then travel in their life, as it requires the catalyst of spirit, an agent not accepted by too many.

    Allow me to welcome you to the cloud, the unknowing, and a wish for awareness that Einstein referred to as the art and science of discovery, others a leap in consciousness. Awareness is its own topic, certainly beyond this note. You may have it presented to you, although you will have to open it, or something you must search for if you wish for loftier heights, richer insights, and possibilites for bettering the state of humanity.

    Arriving in the cloud is certainly a destination, and at the same time, an arena individuals navigate for a day, weeks, months, years, careers, and a lifetime in their attempt to realize fruition.

    Godspeed to your making a difference by successfully building on the lessons in the cloud of unknowing.

  2. Then again, perhaps I should switch to a morning blend, this thing should allow for editing, and one should just be full of life and enjoy each day where and as they wish.

  3. This and last tie I will try to post.
    I wrote a lot of affirming things in the other two posts, but since I dob’t know if this will go through, I will just write,
    best of luck to you Patti,
    May the sun always shine on you and may all your dreams come true.

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