The World is No Substitute

Take Peace in the Lord-betty's photo
The world is no substitute
It comes from Spirit.


– Betty S.

This haiku was written by a good friend of mine just this morning.  Sometimes I have to stop and marvel at the timing of things that I see, read, and experience. Just yesterday I was having a pretty deep philosophical discussion with a wonderful new friend. I was trying to express what I have been feeling during this week I am here in Arizona as I look out at the mountains, and watch the sunsets each day. Here is what I have discovered.

It isn’t so much the beauty of my surroundings, the fresh air I breathe in each day, or the clear blue skies themselves that bring me a peace I have never known.  Instead, this beauty causes me to feel deep within some sense of KNOWING. Now here is where it gets difficult to explain, but I will make the attempt. When I see something beautiful like the McDowell mountain range which I drove alongside yesterday, I was nearly brought to tears at the beauty. But it was the feeling inside when looking outward that made me pause. Maybe it is because I felt like a child again, seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney World. That feeling of wonder and excitement that we rarely experience as adults. Or maybe it was just a recognition of WHO I am deep down.

I know that for me, I have spent a lifetime wondering how people view me from the outside. I never saw myself for who I am.  As strange as it may sound, looking outward at all of this beauty somehow made me look at myself in a different light. There is a feeling that the real me is emerging. My heart is open, along with my senses which are so receptive now, for possibly the first time since I was a child.

So in the words of my dear friend, Betty, I see that “the world is no substitute”. God, as I know Him, is not found in the mountains, or in the sunsets, or in the clear blue skies. Instead, He is found in the “Spirit”… my Spirit within. Magnificent!

~ Patti Crowley

2 thoughts on “The World is No Substitute

  1. Having lived for a short time by a mountain range I totally understand where you are coming from. After that point I can make no comparison having been a child at the time I did.
    Coming to a point in my maturity though I do understand where you are seeing yourself for the first time. It is time to think, reflect and grow. There I have been. Just not in such a wonder place on this earth to experience this time of growth.
    Use it wisely and allow yourself self if need to to face some pains you have avoided before. Face them in a new light as you look upon the shadows that hit those mountains as the sun travels through the sky. As you watch those shadows you see new aspects of the mountains before you. That is how it can be for your spirit as well. Look at these new views within yourself and allow them to let you grow into what God has designed for you.

  2. Beautifully said, thank you. I believe this is the exact time and place for this experience. I may have not appreciated it for what it is if I had made this move 10 years ago.

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