History Starts Now…

What kind of world do you wanthistory starts now
Think Anything
Let’s start at the start
Build a masterpiece
Be careful what you wish for
History starts now…

– Five for Fighting

The lyrics above are from a song entitled, World.  I heard it while listening to my Pandora app in the car and it nearly made me pull over.  I remembered something that happened when my now-18 year old daughter was in three year old preschool.  One day when I was picking her up, her teacher pulled me aside and told me that Megan had handed in her artwork and proudly exclaimed, “Here is my masterpiece!”  We laughed at how funny that word sounded coming from a three year old.  But I digress….

The song brought that adorable memory back, and made me smile.  However, there is so much more significance for me to the lyrics from the song.  It made me think of how so few of us live in the moment. Many of us wake up each morning dreading the day ahead, worried about the future, and feeling regret from the past.

What if we looked at this moment as the start of our lives?  We have the ability to live for right now.  So why not make a decision to stop whatever it is we are doing at this moment, and think about what kind of world we want?  We can “think anything”, “start at the start”, and “build a masterpiece”.  We can do anything we want with our lives (within reason I suppose!), live anywhere we choose to live, and be whoever it is we want to be.

So, be careful what you wish for…  Your History Starts Now!

~ Patti Crowley

7 thoughts on “History Starts Now…

  1. Is there any schedule to your postings? Do you take requests? If so, maybe on fear, or how to convey something in a more conversational manner when those skills are lacking?

      1. I certainly hope so…my guess is maybe better than I know myself…in some respects. Don’t want to mess up your site here though. 🙂 This is your forum for writing. Thank you, for all !

    1. Ranging topic…maybe with regard to opening up…and possibly after the fact that it happened. Sorry, probably too specific and…now that I think about it…it’s okay…maybe the natural creative direction is best. Good to know about requests. That may be fortuitous. (does this thing have spell check?)

    1. hmmm…are they ever dealt with fully? Maybe sometimes.
      Specifically, I meant the personal opening up started to happen before it was realized, and fear struck as to what was occurring. That part was dealt with, not really conversationally which would have been preferred, another lesson. However, guess the fear may surface again depending on what transpires. Not sure if this is making sense, or even a topic for here, and believe the universe will resolve, maybe even through you. Sure looks like this creating too much space between the excellent writing. Thanks, again, for all.

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